About Us

Ethically raised, sustainable beef, pork, and lamb is the heart of our business. Since 2009, Black River Meats has developed dedicated relationships with a small circle of select family farms that we engage with personally.

Our Mission 

We don’t believe you should have to guess where your food comes from and how it comes to you. We started Black River Meats with a strong belief in the potential of connecting small farms throughout Vermont and the Northeast with the ready market of discerning, conscientious consumers. Consumers who want quality meat from farms that prioritized the health and well-being of their animals in a way that larger commodity “factory” farms largely do not.

Our suppliers follow our stringent quality standards and protocol, raising their animals with care and without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones. We work with these farmers closely; we're driven collectively to ensure the consistent quality our customers seek, while not sacrificing our commitment to the well-being of the animals we depend upon.

The restaurants, retailers, and institutions that serve and stock our products share in this vision of offering sustainable, natural options for their customers. They purchase our products with the knowledge that they are offering their customers a cut of meat that has been handled correctly and conscientiously at each step in the process. 


Our Partners