We offer high quality, humanely-raised beef that is consistently flavorful and raised to the strict standards of our "never-ever" meat program. No antibiotics. No hormones. No animal by-product feed. Ever. 

Our customers care about where their beef comes from. Our livestock operations focus on utilizing pasture to benefit the environment, increasing profitability for the farmer, and reducing the amount of grain in the animal’s diet. We specialize solely on beef raised without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones, instead using careful handling to provide consistency and quality.

Black River Meats offers three lines of natural beef products with options for both the retail and food service industries, including Organic Beef, 100% Grass-Fed, and Northeast Raised Antibiotic-Free Natural Beef. For our retail customers, we produce a full line of vacuum-sealed, case-ready beef products. For our butcher, restaurant and food service partners, we custom butcher our natural beef cuts to their specifications; quartered, primals, and portion cut. 


Organic Beef

  • Humanely raised without the use of antibiotics or synthetic hormones 
  • All organic feed and pasture-raised


Highlighted Products

- Organic Beef 92% Lean / 8% fat
- Organic Lean Stew Beef
- Organic Primals limited in availability



100% Grass-fed

  • 100% Grass-fed and finished 
  • No hormones added
  • Raised in Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York 
  • Always pasture-raised
  • Raised without the use of antibiotics or synthetic hormones 


Highlighted Products

- Ground Beef 85%/15% Fat
- Grass-fed Lean Stew Beef
- Grass-fed Primals in limited availability



Northeast Raised Antibiotic-Free Natural Beef

  • No added growth hormones
  • Not fed animal by-products
  • Raised without the use of antibiotics or synthetic hormones 


Highlighted Products

- Tenderloin Steak
- Top Sirlon Steak
- NY Strip Steak
- Ribeye Steak
- Lean Stew Beef
- Ground Beef Patties 80% Lean/20% Fat
- Ground Beef 80% Lean/20% Fat
- Ground Beef 85% Lean/15% Fat
- Bacon Burger Blended Ground Beef- Full line of primals available



Black River Meats speaks of two things to me: local & trustworthy. Customers seek out our restaurants because of our excellent food, but also because of how we source our products in a local, sustainable, and ethical way. The meats we source from BRM meet all those expectations and do nothing but help move our mission of great & local food forward.
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